Ponte Commedia

How strange!

I just now found a link to this little footprint of myself on Mungo, a literary blog belonging to the dearly departed late great flash fiction writer Cami Park. To have known her and her work is to miss her.  (We all misse her, don’t we?)  Sometimes we go back to her Mungo blog to look at some of her work anew.

Obviously the link has been there since sometime before her death. She listed this  under “top rollerfinks,” what ever that means. Something good, I hope.

The odd thing for me, is that I am the owner of this nearly blank blog.

As best as I can tell, I was poking around WordPress back on April 23, 2010 when I was not quite ready to start my blog. A click here. A click there. Bingo, I’m a blogger. Ready or not.

It’s now December 3, 2012.

Now here’s the deal.  Eventually, I did start that blog called Ponte Commedia elsewhere. It’s a blog of journalism, writing, and travel with flavored with tastes of Italian Renaissance.  Please join me over here.

Thanks, Cami.


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